Cloud Computing

Cloud Services

Whether you only use cloud storage to backup files and for file sharing; or you use one of the many As A Service offerings such as Desktop AAS, Server AAS, or Software AAS; we can provide you with the solution to bring your business into the cloud.

Cloud services are varied as seen above, but provide affordable ways for your company to work, even when not in an office.  A remote worker originally was primarily the sales team, and maybe a project manager, but with the introduction to cloud services, anyone within the company can be a remote worker.  VoIP, or Unified Communications AAS, has allowed business phones to travel from office to home office, and has allowed mobile apps to take the place of the office phone.  Desktop AAS or Server AAS has allowed workers to log into the company network through a web portal, so that any worker can work from a location with Internet service, including home, or at a hotel.  Software AAS has been around the longest, and provides workers remote access to company portals, or even office applications, so that they can stay productive.

Back-up & Storage

Data backup and storage is an ever increasing need for any company.  Our systems provide data backup and secure data storage, so you will never have to worry about losing your data in the event of any disaster.

With the continued threat of hackers, and specifically Ransomware, having a secure backup of your companies data is essential.  Our solutions provide real-time, secure backup and a point-in-time restore option, so you can go back several days, or even weeks, to verify any virus or Ransomware does not exist on the file.  In addition to this protection, a cloud storage option can be provided that is compliant with HIPAA, PCI, or other security standards.

If you would like to get more information on the cloud services VIP Technology Services can provide, please contact us, and we can discuss all of your options.

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As A Service Offerings

  • Desktop/Workspace AAS
  • Backup AAS
  • Infrastructure AAS
  • Software AAS
  • Monitoring AAS
  • Unified Communication AAS
  • Virtualization AAS

Cloud Services

  • Backup and Data storage
  • Disaster recovery
  • Virtualization of desktops or servers
  • Hosted Exchange (email) with security
  • Office apps or Office365
  • VoIP phones and administration
  • Meeting and collaboration

Cloud Benefits

  • Reduced costs; less in-house infrastructure needed
  • Secure access to data
  • Improved efficiency; files are accessible from anywhere with Internet service
  • Increased communication and collaboration