Travis Ramsey

Owner, Consultant and Technician

Travis understands that customer service is the most important part of being a service provider in the IT industry, and in any industry.  Customers are what keep us working.  That is why we believe that we need to, and should strive to, “treat all of our clients like a VIP.”

In addition, he understands that having the knowledge to perform the job is very important to customers.  That is what has driven him to continue his education through the years, so that he could obtain industry certifications, manufacturer certifications, and most recently, an Associates degree and certifications from San Jacinto College.  Add this education to the 20+ years of computer and user support experience, and Travis has placed himself in a position to provide his customers with a solid service provider.

Lastly, Travis understands that community should be a big part of any small business.  As stated before, he attended San Jacinto college for his continued education because it was his local college, and he wanted to make connections where he lived.  For the local businesses in East Harris County, and Greater Houston, he wants to become a part of your success.

Let him show you what he can do to make you successful, and partner with you on your IT needs.  He wants to treat you, the owner and employees, as a “very important person”, but more important to him is to treat your company as a “Very Important Partner.”