Professional Services

We understand that the term professional services can cover many types of companies (legal, CPA, realtors, and consultants), and that each service company is not made the same.  The most important thing for any service company, though, is uptime, and you expect the technology to work when you need it.

In addition, you expect security.  Your data needs the best level of security, whether it is stored on a local server, stored in the cloud, or when being transmitted over the Internet.  We have the experience to provide that security, and can provide encryption and/or monitoring on all of your computers and servers.  Also, we can provide the next-generation Anti-virus software (EDR) that provides detection and response to cyber threats and malware at the endpoint.

We have the knowledge and experience to provide for your IT needs.  Our focus is on managing your technology resources, so you can focus on managing and growing your business.

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Technology Resources

  • Custom technology solutions
  • IT support and services
  • Cloud computing and storage
  • Antivirus/Antispam
  • EDR (Endpoint Detection and Response)
  • 24/7 monitoring available on all Windows computers/servers
  • Data encryption
  • Remote workforce
  • Online meeting/videoconferencing
  • VoIP phones

Our Focus

  • Evaluate current technology resources
  • Improve uptime
  • Improve hardware and software resources
  • File management and security
  • Information security
  • Industry compliance
  • Staying ahead of technology changes

Business Types

  • Legal
  • Financial
  • Consultants
  • Management
  • Realtors
  • Insurance